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Lost in a Battlefield

Lost in a Battlefield

It is really much difficult to stay in a bloody battlefield. Since everything is in chaos, you would not be able to recognize who your friends and your foes are. You would not really know if the one wearing your shield and armor is really your kind. You would not even believe that the one wearing your mask is your adversary. Even the closest and truest of your kin would be the one to sell your honor to the other side.

Life is our own bloody battlefield. You are your only ally in the ground. You are the only one who you could trust the most. Without knowing yourself, primarily would make you such a great deal of a loser in the combat zone. Without equipping yourself with a strongest of heart and a sharpest of mind would mean entrapping yourself to the blades of your opponent’s sword which thirsts for your own flesh and blood like the fangs of the starving lions waiting for their time to feast on.

Warriors in combat showcase all of their skills and agility coupled with their unmatched physique. Like the Spartans, you should stand firm and defend your own honor and dignity. Even if you are already on the losing end, you should never give up to your rival’s dominion. Never surrender. Like them, you should fight and defend your honor to your last breath. For if you don’t, you will never find your way out of that battlefield where you are in and never see victory! Ever again!


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